Preparing Students for College?

September 13, 2007 · Posted in NCLB, Studies, Teaching 2.0 

This article from eSchool News–Report: Schools Aren’t Preparing Kids for College–is required reading. In it, eSchool News Assistant Editor Meris Stansbury reports on a panel discussion convened by the Alliance for Excellent Education that examined AEE’s brief on how US high schools do–or don’t–prepare students for success in college.

Some of the findings:

  • Thirty-four percent of US high school students graduate ready for college;
  • Eighteen percent of high school freshmen graduate in four years, go on to college, and earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree;
  • One-third of those who make it to college must take remedial courses;
  • Sixty-five percent of college professors do not believe that high school standards prepare students for college

The issue is not just one of preparing students for college. According to ACT’s Cyndie Schmeiser, “recent studies have shown that the skills needed to succeed in college are similar to the skills needed for good-paying jobs.”

Don’t finish reading this post. Go read the article, and download the AEE’s brief, “AEE’s Issue Brief: “High School Teaching for the Twenty-First Century: Preparing Students for College.

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